Thursday, June 21, 2012

Matnas Cahunah

The shailo was asked recently if a Cohen is makiyum a mitzvah when he is makabel matnas Cahunah (specifically in regards to Pidyon HaBen and Pidyon Peter Chomer.) After a little searching I found that the Chasam Sofer (!) speaks about this. It was quite interesting since I didn't see this brought down in any recent seforim and upon asking Chochamim this shailo this mareh makom was apparently not known. If anyone knows any seforim that bring down this Chasam Sofer (aside from what is mentioned in Likutei Ha'Aros) please let me know!

The Chasam Sofer can be found here in Yoreh Deah Siman 292.

He writes the following,

כבר ראו עיניו במ"ש פר"ח בי"ד סי' ס"א סקי"ג דיוצא ידי נתינת
 מתנת כהונה לזכות לכהן ע"י שלוחו בידיעת הכהן
ורצונו וראייתו מסעי' י"ד שם ברורה אלא שכ' עפ"י ספרי
 דבלא ידיעת הכהן לא יזכה ע"י שליח ולא ביאר טעם
...הדבר וטעמו פשוט כי גם כהן המקבל מתנת כהונה עשה מצוה בקבלתו

After finding such  a Chasam Sofer the next place to look is in the Sefer Likutei Ha'Aros. The volume which this Teshuva appears is in Crach Daled. However this volume is not available on Hebrew Books. L'maseh over there he brings many achronim that argued on the Chasam Sofer. However as well he brings re'as for the Chasam Sofer. He points out that in Teshuvas Chasam Sofer Orach Chaim Siman 49 (See here) he writes the same thing. However perhaps there is a stira to all of this what what he writes in a Teshuva in Yoreh Deah Siman 299 (See here -- In the Teshuva in YD Siman 299 he writes that if the Avi HaBen is the one making the Shechayanu then it's considered to be a "Bircas HaMitzvas" if the Cohen is the one making it then it's considered a "Bircas HaNenin".) All of this is discussed in Likutei Ha'Aros. 

One very nice thing he brings down in Likutei Ha'Aros is that we have a re'ah from this weeks Parsha to the Chasam Sofer that the Cohanim are makiyum a mitzvah when they are makabel matnas Cahunah. See here in Sefer Pirchei Cahunah in the Kuntres Keser Cahunah for the re'ah from this weeks parsha.
(starts at ois gimmel on the page linked to above and goes until the next page. I will let the reader see it inside themselves instead typing it here.)

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