Sunday, June 3, 2012

Shimush Chachamim

It seems to me now a days that the relationship between a Rebbe and Talmid isn't what it used to be. Now a days you don't see young talmidim running after Chachamim to learn from them. You don't see a "push" by Avrechim to get into a Kollel simply because they want to learn from a particular Rov. While I'm sure there are people that do this as a whole we don't see it so much anymore. Even on the other side, Rabbonim, Roshei Kollelim, Roshei Yeshivos, etc. have made themselves so busy to properly give time to each and every talmid that would want to learn from them.

Already though, Rashi gives us a feeling of what Shimush Chachamim should be like...

It says in the Braisa (see here) at the end Avos:

התורה נקנית במ"ח דברים ואלו הן...בשמוש חכמים

Rashi says there:

שדוחק ונכנס בכל מקום לשמוע דבריהן ולשמשן

The Sfas Emes (See here) writes however that b'zman hazeh could be that learning from seforim is considered to be "Shimush Chachamim".

With these 2 things in my mind my goal in this blog is to share with the world (and hopefully receive feedback and comments) different shailos and teshuva b'halacha, interesting things from seforim, savaras and chiddushim, biurim, and various thoughts and ideas in all areas of Torah. All of these gathered through years of Shimush Chachamim and Pilpul chavarim, together with the limud of many seforim.

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